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Tuesday, 26 November 2013 18:32


The 432 EVO ESSENCE is a high-end all-in-one music server created by Klinkt Beter featuring a high-end integrated DAC card and high-end SPDIF output.
It also features an internal universal 110V-230V power supply, while all our other models always have external power supplies.

Optional high-end Sbooster BOtW supply

The 432 EVO ESSENCE comes with a builtin universal SMPS power supply, which can be upgraded to a linear supply.

For only 200 € extra, the 432 EVO ESSENCE can be ordered with a matching Sbooster BOtW power supply, which we recommend.
The topplate of the Sbooster will match the color of your 432 EVO ESSENCE.

High-end integrated DAC card

The 432 ESSENCE features a high-end soundcard from Asus, which also exists in a DAC version.

The DAC version of this soundcard won EISA awards, and after reading their review "an honest and compelling sound that puts many traditional hi-fi marques to shame!", we wanted this technology in our integrated model. So here it is:

The analog output (cinch) and SPDIF (coaxial and optical via an adapter) can work simultaniously on the 432 EVO ESSENCE.
The DAC is based on a PCM1792A and has a very high SNR of 124dB, and the clocks are over controlled like in many much more expensive DAC offerings.

The PCM1792A succeeds the PCM1792 and is an EXACT EQUIVALENT in functionality and parametrics. The PCM1792 is used in well known players such as the Olive 6HD.
We have one customer that has replaced his 6HD by the 432 ESSENCE.

The 432 EVO ESSENCE can also be connected to an USB DAC and/or HDMI based audio device (surround process, dac with HDMI input, ....)

432 Hz

Contrary to many youtube 432 Hz demo's, our 432 Hz processing is artefact free and is build on world class DSP. There's no resolution or detail loss, which was verified by 6moons in the 432 Hz plugin review. The 432 Hz processing just does the opposite: the sound will be more enjoyable, there will be more clarity, less fatigue. The sound will become more analog and have qualities unseen in any digital solution. Just read our testimonies available in the left columns.

The 432 Hz plugin works on the fly, and can process any music file from CD quality up to 768 Khz including DXD files. It can also process DSD files: DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 are well tested.

The 432 EVO ESSENCE music server is very power efficient and is always running cool. The 432 EVO ESSENCE can rip, stream, play internetradio, play music from it's local HDD and optionally from any NAS. We provide 2 TB internal storage options, good 6000 CD's. The storage can be expanded to 6 TB (special request only) and/or extended via a NAS. The 432 EVO ESSENCE can also be used as a high-end USB transport, that connects directly to your USB dac, but most will use the internal soundcard already present in the 432 EVO ESSENCE.

All our 432 Hz music servers are running the same Linux software platform, which is identical in terms of remote control. You can use the official Logitech Squeezebox Controller App (which works for Android and Apple), the builtin webinterface (any platform) or via Apple specific apps such as iPeng and Squeezepad. The 432 EVO ESSENCE also offers internet based software updates from our own update server, which are created and tested by Klinkt Beter and includes remote support via a built-in VPN.


The 432 EVO ESSENCE can be ordered in silver or black:


Dimensions of the 432 EVO ESSENCE are compatible with the 43 cm hifi standard:

435 x 319 x 100mm (W x D x H)

Shared features between all 432 EVO models

  • USB class 2.0 output and HDMI audio
  • rip CD's as (uncompressed) flac
  • full access to music collection on HDD (no added DRM)
  • plays almost all formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, WMA, MP3, ....
  • output PCM files bitperfect, from CD 16/44.1 up to 32/768 kHz and DXD
    or output any PCM files played at 432 Hz, in the following rendered resolutions:
    also applies to internet radio, qobuz, spotify, .... which can be output as-is (typically 16/44.1), or with 432 Hz conversion to any output resolution
  • output DSD files bitperfect as DoP
    or render them as PCM with 432 Hz conversion, in the following rendered resolutions:
  • Bitperfect and gapless playback
  • Spotify, Qobuz, Wimp & Tidal (will be announced soon)
  • Internetradio stations, more than 10000
  • android clients: Logitech Media Controller
  • apple clients: Logitech Media Controller, iPeng, Squeezepad
  • control your 432 EVO via webbrowser (including configuration and playback interface)

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