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Thursday, 01 February 2018 04:05

This page is for developers and does not apply to normal customers who want to experience a fully managed music server solution. All 432 EVO servers produced since 2015 include a VPN to allow a fully managed solution. No Linux or system administration knowledge is required to operate the 432 EVO.

If you don't have any programming background and/or experience in C, C++, PHP, compilers and other build tools, please ignore this page.

432 EVO uses a modified version of vortexbox (vortexmod), tailored to the hardware as used by 432 EVO.

The Vortexbox Linux distribution we have modified to our own requirements, has been released under the same GPLv3 license as the unmodified source. GPLv3 requires us to make our modifications available to our customers.

To receive access to the sources of GPLv3 packages which 432 EVO has modified, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , which includes:

- a PDF / JPEG scan of the registration form and/or invoice from our resellers, proving you are a customer of 432 EVO
- your name & address
- your email address

All models since 2015 come with modifications to GPLv3 packages. 432 EVO did not modify GPLv2 packages for music servers sold since Q1 2015.

Still use MPD / MPAD / MPOD / MPDroid?

If you have a very old 432 EVO music server (production date until the end of 2014), you may still use the package Music Player Daemon (MPD) instead of Logitech Media Server or Roon. Most customers have upgraded to a complete OS reinstall which no longer ships MPD, but we expect a very small customer base (<5) to still use MPD. Max Kellermann who is the lead developer of MPD, is very sensitive to GPL violations, so 432 EVO has already proactively submitted sox enhancements to MPD in 2014.

432 EVO also modified MPD software which has a GPLv2 license for older versions, and GPLv3 for newer versions, which means we have to make available these patches to any third party. Here are all the old MPD sources we modified:

The main changes are extra SOXR recipes and enabling the pipe plugin, and in the 0.19.X build (potential) changes to the decoder list, to workaround a flac bug. We have released all our MPD source RPM's to the general public, to comply with modifications to GPLv2 packages. Not all companies have been very nice to the GPL, some of them even hiding MPD behing their own app.

432 EVO's produced since 2015 use a Logitech Media Server and optionally A Roon environment, without MPD.

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