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Friday, 18 October 2019 10:11

We are working with a professional webdesigner to bring you a completely new and more interactive site with responsive design. Our new website is almost ready, and several of the pages behind the menu in the top and left menu's already point to our new site:

Top menu: 432 Hz?, Showcase, Dealers
Left menu: 432 EVO Master, 432 EVO Aeon, 432 Evo High End, What is 432 Hz, The story of the 432 EVO

The new product pages of the Essence & Standard will be added shortly, and then we will fully switchover in week 46 of 2019!

For a preview, you can visit:


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Saturday, 13 May 2017 12:39

Lost in streaming? Welcome to 432 EVO, the best sounding digital source now in reach for many. Winner of best of show at Munich 2017, among best of show in 2 rooms at X-FI, New Music Brussels show, ...

Warm analog sound from digital? Yes it's possible thanks to our live 432 Hz plugin, which 90% prefers over the original! Purists can also enjoy one of the best bitperfect sources now on the market.

432 EVO offers sublime silent music servers from the ultra affordable STANDARD up to cost-is-not-object MASTER class beating many super expensive CD transports. It also competes against more expensive servers without any effort.

All models with Roon 1.6 (full roon, not just an endpoint!) or LMS and switch between both in 10s, bitperfect TEAC ripdrive, at least a 2 TB SSHDD (or even more!), real-time kernel, 10 upsample recipes, 432 Hz processing or just bitperfect: you choose!

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Friday, 18 October 2019 10:16

The X-FI show was a big success. First we received 62 positive emails about our setup. And Hifi Pig awarded both rooms with 432 EVO in it, among the best of the show.

On November 16 & 17, we organize an open door weekend with the X-FI system in Wetteren, Belgium, with the following system:

– 432 EVO MASTER flagship music server

– Metrum Adagio DAC

– Vitus SS-025 power amp

– Conquistar Hybrid Ribbon speakers using open dipole principle

– SOtM audiophile switching, and Micotik audiophile routing

On both days you are welcome between 11:00 and 17:00, address: Blauwe Paal 45, 9230 Wetteren, Belgium

More info about the show here

Hifi Pig wrote:

The ‘Total Immersion’ Room – 432 Evo & Conquistar

There was a lot of tech going on in this room, with the Belgian 432 Evo Master Server, SOtM, Vitus Audio amp and Metrum DAC, but when you sat down and listened it just wasn’t about the gear or the tech at all, just all about the music.  Seriously, this was stunning. Total immersion in the music a beautiful, detailed and enveloping experience. That is surely what Hifi should be about. The speakers were very interesting to me as I love a ribbon tweeter, they were from Conquistar of Antwerp, a hybrid with ribbon tweeters and two full range drivers, which you could have in a wide variety of finishes, starting from 15,000€. The whole of the system was perfectly matched and the end result undeniable.

432 EVO, Vitus Audio, Metrum and Tingsha Audio

This was a very, very nice sounding room that just oozed high-end sound with a really three-dimensional and immersive presentation that simply drew you into the musical performance. What I really was bowled over by was the sheer amount of detail that was being presented by this system, but never once did I feel I was being overwhelmed. Often detail can come across as an over-emphasised top-end but this system just presented the music beautifully – and isn’t that what you want in a system?

More info about the show here

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Monday, 08 July 2019 21:20

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Saturday, 22 December 2018 14:13

The 432 EVO is a world class Roon / LMS music server featuring probably the most natural and non-digital sound on the planet.

Here's how our users experience the 432 EVO:

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Monday, 14 August 2017 18:53

AVShowrooms "Gold Show Award High End Munich Best Sound"

Nominated “Hifi Pig Loves You” Award

"one of the best sounding rooms at the show"

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