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Friday, 08 May 2015 03:38

The 432 EVO was reviewed and nominated by the Benelux hifi press:

Dutch Music Emotion magazine wrote that the 432 EVO could match any source that was available to the reviewer, and capable of a top performance:

Dutch HVT magazine wrote "From Belgium With Love":

“Luisteren naar de 432 EVO is een ervaring die moeilijk met woorden te beschrijven valt“
“De muziek wordt haast tastbaar”

which translates to:

"Listening to the 432 EVO is an experience that is difficult to describe with words"
"The music becomes almost tangible"

Reviewer Edouard Hendrix also tested our all-in-one Essence model:

in which he wrote:

He compared the EVO with his vinyl, cd, Sonos and CD player. He wrote:

"The EVO beat the other sources with verve. In the days following, I did not come to another conclusion."

HIFI.NL nominated the 432 EVO product of the year in their yearbook

HIFI-ADVICE reviewed the 432 EVO and nominated it a Next Gen favorite

"Most obvious is the soundstage, which is just about as wide as with other music sources like the AAZ through the Aeris or the Wadia 781i direct, but a lot deeper and better layered. Indeed: better than the Wadia's soundstaging, and that's not something that happens very often."

“the EVO sounded undeniably better with voices, strings and piano“


covered the Cafe Engels show in March 2014, where we first introduced the high-end version with linear supply:

Their show report included the comment: "Stevie Ray Vaughan was playing the stars from heaven."

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